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Take part in the JewishReunion forums. This is the place where you can post messages from trying to get help to locate a long lost friend or family member through to learning more about family history and how to research it.

You can put in as much details as you want about who you are trying to find which will help you in your quest. Post today for FREE and be part of the JewishReunion online community of people helping each other.

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Read what one person had to say about JewishReunion:
"I put a message on the people locator several
months ago. I received a response from a distant relative who I had not heard of and he is able to provide me with further information. Thank you very much for this excellent service. Paul Goodman"

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Are you looking for a long lost friend or relative? Then JewishReunion can help you in your quest.

We help friends and family get back in touch with each other. If you are a former member of a youth club looking to track down your former club friends, then we can help you with this. Are you a an ex-pat synagogue member who wants to discover what has happened to your shul members? Then that too can be found out.

Maybe you were a member of a charity committee or worked for a Jewish communal organisation and want to see your old friends again or find out what your fellow co-workers are up to, well JewishReunion can help with that.

Or are you trying to find out more about your family history and have a few clues to work on? Well with JewishReunion, you enter those details and others can help put the pieces together of your family history or even discover more about who is related to you.

We are the best place on the Web for Jewish people to find their friends and family.

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